Multi-Tier System of Supports / RTI

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Multi-tier documentation, Information Gathering, Data Tracking, Parent Letters, and Reporting

Product Description

Teachers and Interventionists are committed to providing high-quality interventions for their struggling learners, but documentation is often too cumbersome for them to complete and for administrators to monitor. SuccessEd’s MTSS/RTI solution solves this with the right balance of efficiency and comprehensiveness. Customize the solution to match your district’s processes and track the student from start to finish, from referral to RTI all the way through specialized instruction in special education. It doesn’t get any easier or more comprehensive than this.

MTSs/RTI Features
  • Auto-generation of parent letters
  • Highly customizable to reflect the district’s own MTSS/RTI process
  • Document the complete process by gathering information from teachers, parents, historical data, RTI committees, and referrals to other services.
  • Easy to use system that does not require staff to reproduce data entered into another system