What our customers are saying...

Teri Rinewalt, Director of Special Education, Falls Education Cooperative, Region 12

“I am a long time user and fan of a different company…until I starting working with SuccessEd.  The customer service and support is absolutely hands-down the best I have ever experienced!  I am pretty obsessive compulsive about being an “immediate responder” to emails, questions, texts, etc…but SuccessEd blows me out of the water!  Anytime I need to ask for help, guidance, or have an idea about something that would make my life easier…they are genuinely “Johnny on the Spot”!  The Compliance Calendar is THE BOMB!!   Jim Bridges is an amazing CEO and makes you feel like he cares specifically about you and your districts.  SuccessEd keeps us efficient and legal…my two favorite things!!  Thank you, SuccessEd!”

Keith Schneider, Director of Special Education Compliance, Waco ISD

“The reason we considered a change was because of customer service, and customer service is the main reason we partnered with SuccessEd.”

Kathleen Crooks, Special Education Director, Brownfield ISD

“SuccessEd is a superior designed, comprehensive special education program!  SuccessEd enables educators to develop and manage compliant, high-quality special education documents that are aligned with both federal and state regulations. The SuccessEd staff goes out of their way to set your District up for success with ongoing training and support!”

Amy Estrada, Special Education Director, Idalou ISD

“The transition to SuccessEd and the training of the different products was flawless. The trainer was patient and very knowledgeable of the products. My Support Specialist and Relationship Manager have been quick to answer any of my questions and they have been extremely supportive during our implementation of SuccessEd."

Dana Johnson, Director of Special Education/Section 504/Dyslexia, Georgetown ISD

“I have personally appreciated the way that the Success Ed team has listened to our district's needs and has been responsive in developing updates to support those requests”

Executive Director of Special Education and 504 Services, Eanes ISD

"The team members at SuccessEd understand the complexities and challenges of the ever-changing landscape of special education.  They work with school districts to try to develop solutions to make the job easier."

Heather Knox, Executive Director of Student Services, West Orange – Cove CISD

“I have been with SuccessEd for 5 years and have always been satisfied with their customer service, products, and technical assistance.  The most important aspect is the customer services because the team listens to ideas we share and they are constantly keeping their products up to date with our current needs.”

Kris Lamm, Director, EPEC SSA

"The Service from the SuccessEd team is 1st class."

Tammy Maiorano, Director of Special Education, San Marcos CISD

"Excellent customer service!  SuccessEd is very responsive to the needs of our district."

Kristi Hess, Director, Burton Special Services Coop

“I was at the interview for an Educational Diagnostician position which if hired would result in a promotion to Director for the next school year. In the interview, I asked the Superintendent if they used SuccessEd. When her response was that they used another program, I calmly told her that I would not accept this position unless they agreed to switch over to SuccessEd. She was a little taken aback but called SuccessEd for a demo and agreed to switch, I happily accepted the position. I couldn't be a bigger fan of both the software, training and customer support.”

Denise Kirby, Director, Southeast Lubbock County Organization (SELCO)

“We are proud to have been the first customer of SuccessEd twenty-five years ago and we are proud of our continued partnership with them even today. Their contribution to the kids, parents, and staff of SELCO would be impossible to measure but it has been significant. We are grateful for their service and their friendship for so many years and look forward to our continued partnership for many more years to come.”

Terri Moss, Special Education Director, Bushland ISD

“The best decision I made in 2019 for my secretary, 504 Coordinators, LSSP’s, Diagnostician, and Special Education teachers was purchasing SuccessEd. Customer service, personal attention, user friendly product, time saver in the hectic world of education is why this product will impress you. Less time completing paperwork and ease of preparing different reports was a huge selling point for me. I know after the initial training in SuccessEd, we have a new ‘Family of Support.’”

Kathy Hutchinson, Director of Special Education, South Plains Educational Cooperative

“Even though I was reluctant to make the change to a new data management system, I am so glad that we made the move. The customer service we have received has been outstanding and the quality of the product is excellent. I appreciate that this Texas-owned company takes care of their Texas clients.”

Tracy Fogerson, Director of Special Education, Lubbock-Cooper ISD

“SuccessEd is all about building positive and caring relationship with customers. Being supported, consistent communication and positive relationship are just a few of the things you will get when you partner with SuccessEd.”

Nancy Riley, Director, Bell County Cooperative for Exceptional Children

“The person [from SuccessEd] who has taken responsibility for our co-op has been amazing.  We are six different districts with multiple personalities and needs.  Our Relationship Manager has been willing to do extra training, sit with individual people and anything else she can do to help make this transition easy for us.  They have answered every email and phone call within minutes and have been with me day and night to help either by answering questions or teaching me how to do things I have asked about.  That has been my favorite part of moving our districts to SuccessEd.”

Dr. Lisa Davidson, Director: Transition Services & Employment, Lewisville ISD

“Having a Relationship Manager who is responsive and consistent has made our first year of implementation go very smoothly. The knowledge and support provided has been extremely beneficial in helping us learn a new program. We appreciate the time and expertise that has been invested in our district!”

Marla Pearson, Director of Special Education and Special Populations, Responsive Education Solutions Arkansas

“For the last four years, I have been using SuccessEd in my schools.  Currently my schools utilize the 504 program.  I am very pleased with this product.  My teachers find that the program is very easy to navigate and keeps them in compliance with Section 504.  They love the resources, user guides, and news that SuccessEd provides to its user.  I have been blown away by the customer service that I receive from the company.  My representatives have always made themselves accessible and are very helpful and knowledgeable.  As an administrator, this has been one of the best programs that I have implemented in my schools.”