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Session Notes

A system for districts to efficiently and effectively document session note information to track IEP services and address IDEA 2004 requirements.

  • Accountability program to track all IEP-related services.
  • Link to student’s SE Manager IEP goals and objectives so services provided, and associated notes, are related to that student’s IEP.
  • Access all service records immediately on-line.
  • Generate a report on a particular student to show what service they received on what day, for how long, and what was discussed in the session
  • Track Parental Consent obtained in IEP for IDEA compliance
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SE Medicaid

The session notes can be used for Medicaid reimbursement. The district can file eligibility requests and claims directly to Texas Medicaid Health Provider (TMHP) for Medicaid Reimbursement.

  • Files eligibility inquiries for students who have informed consent directly to TMHP to give current eligibility information for students.
  • Places the required Medicaid numbers on all IEP forms.
  • Files claims directly to TMHP without third-party, percentage-based fees.
  • Manages transportation trips and only files claims for eligible trips.
  • Files claims only for eligible students who receive services from eligible staff.
  • Files claims only for students with Parental Consent.
  • Adjusts claims for other services provided during personal care time such as speech.
  • Providers print a report to sign indicating that they have provided the stated service.