ELLA from SuccessEd has moved beyond the recording and reporting of data to reshaping and rethinking the LPAC process to promote student progress.

-John Seidlitz of Seidlitz Education

Are you seeing the whole child? ELLA….

  • shares meeting decisions with other products for your twice-exceptional students.
  • promotes quality planning, allowing the LPAC to function on the behalf of each ELL.
  • accelerates the meeting process to give you more time with kids and less time on keyboards.
  • is more than a compliance tool; it tracks student accommodations and achievement.


  • Endorsed and shaped by Seidlitz Education
  • Modeled after TEA’s suggested forms
  • Students can be easily imported from your SIS
  • All lists are 100% customizable by the district
  • Ease of use saves time while promoting quality student discussions
  • Shares data with other programs for students who are twice exceptional
  • Bulk locking of forms promotes efficiency
  • Bulk printing of plans and letters
  • Auto-generation of parent letters based on meeting type
  • Tracking of progress and effectiveness of linguistic accommodations

Powerful reporting:

  • Bilingual/ESL Record (compliance)
  • State assessment decisions and TestHound export
  • 20-day Timeline Compliance
  • ELL Meeting Minutes
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What Our Customers are Saying

ELL records require crucial attention to detail. SuccessEd has streamlined the documentation process and allows us to continue to be thorough in a systematic manner. We appreciate the faces and minds behind a product that will allow us to remain compliant while also returning time to our teachers and key district members.

Our partners at SuccessEd are always professional, readily available and willing to go the extra mile to answer our questions as we move towards being a district that uses their technology to save time and track data. We wholeheartedly feel as though we are a priority and know we can rely upon the SuccessEd team when needed!

Edna R. Garcia, Director for Federal and Student Academic Services, Plainview ISD

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