The Connex product links the SE application with the district’s student information system (SIS) for electronic transfer of data between the two systems.

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Types of Connex Linkages

Connex Download

Student demographic data is downloaded from the district SIS into the SuccessEd demographic section.  When a student is entered into the SIS system, they need not be rekeyed into the SuccessEd system. The student can be added to the application with only a few mouse clicks. The SIS is the system of record for downloaded data, and information in SE is updated nightly.

Downloaded fields for the student: Local ID, SSN, First Name, Last Name, Date Of Birth, Gender, Primary Language ID, MI, Race, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, County, Phone, Date Entered District, Date Left District, Campus ID, Current Grade, Next Grade, Current Campus ID, Home Campus ID

Downloaded fields for the parent: First Name, Last Name, Relationship to the student, Primary Language, Physical Address, Mailing Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Home Phone, Work Phone, Occupation, Is Legal Custodian?

* Custom fields can be added to the list above by contacting our sales department.

Connex Upload

The SE application is the system of record for the 163 record. PEIMS data is uploaded nightly from SE Manager to the district SIS from locked IEP records. For a list of student information systems to which we link, please contact our sales department.

Uploaded PEIMS fields: Primary Disability, Secondary Disability, Tertiary Disability, Multiply Disabled Indicator, Child Count Funding Type, ECI Indicator, PPCD Indicator, RDSPD Code, Instructional Arrangement, Speech Therapy Indicator, Interpreting Services Type, Audiological Services Indicator, PPCD Location Code, Counseling Services Indicator, Medical Diagnostic Indicator, Occupational Therapy Indicator, Orientation & Mobility Indicator, Physical Therapy Indicator, Psychological Services Indicator, Recreation Indicator, School Health Indicator, Social Work Indicator, Transportation Indicator, Assistive Technology Indicator, Medically Fragile Indicator, District of RDSPD Service.

* Custom fields can be added to the list above by contacting our sales department.

Technical Requirements

The connection to the district SIS is over ODBC. The district can provide a NAT or give us a username and password to connect to the SIS over VPN. Customized connections can be configured by contacting our sales department.