Rolando Ocanas

Vice President of Sales

Rolando Ocanas leads the sales team at SuccessEd.  He began his career as a practitioner and administrator in education and psychology.  Rolando worked in the areas of head injury rehabilitation and neuropsychology, followed by 13 years as a special education counselor and Director of Special Programs in Texas school districts. His experience providing personal care in rehabilitation facilities, conducting psychological evaluations for children and adults, counseling students and families, and supervising services for students with disabilities enables him to better understand SuccessEd’s customers’ needs and the importance of their roles in the classroom and the community.

“I’ve sat on the opposite side of the desk, working through the same problems most special education administrators and service providers face,” says Rolando. “I can show them exactly how our products can help them take control of those issues and turn them into manageable, positive outcomes.”

Rolando earned his BA in Psychology from the University of Dallas and his MS in Counseling Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University. He is also a licensed specialist in school psychology (LSSP).