“Built by Educators, for Educators”

A clever tagline but what does it really mean?  First of all, it means that we really are a company of educators.  Fully one-half of all our employees have spent significant portions of their careers as either classroom teachers, diagnosticians, therapists, school psychologists, administrators, or special education directors.  Even though we have stepped away from the campus, we work diligently to maintain our certifications and continuing education requirements.  We even have a member of a local school board on staff.   SuccessEd is a company of educators.

The experience and perspective captured in the first half of our tagline allow us to successfully accomplish the second half.  We do what we do for educators–to improve their lives and the lives of the students and parents that they serve.  As former educators, we understand the challenges and pressures that are so often associated with our vocation.  Always mindful of this, we pour ourselves into our software solutions—developing tools that improve the quality of life of the educator and helping them spend less time with keyboards and more time with kids.

The result of this powerful combination–educators building for educators–is a powerful, time-saving, easy-to-use set of data management tools.  SuccessEd software tracks compliance and services provided to students in special education, Section 504, RtI, Medicaid, ELL, and behavior programs.   Use of our programs results in actionable data that allows for continuous review of the effectiveness of implemented strategies, accommodations, and methodologies thereby creating opportunities for every student to be successful.

At SuccessEd then, “Built by Educators, for Educators” is more than just a clever marketing tagline.  It captures who we are.  It reminds us of who we serve.  It informs everything that we do, every single day.