Customer Count Continues to Climb

SuccessEd, the innovative software provider for educators, is pleased to announce yet another year of record growth.  A total of sixty-eight new customers were added in 2018, the most ever added in a single year for the company and marking the fourth year in a row with growth of fifty customers or more.

“I could not be more proud of our team,” says Jim Bridges, SuccessEd CEO.  “Every person, every decision, every action of this remarkable group of people is focused on serving our remarkable group of customers.  And it is so encouraging to see more and more school districts and charter schools join the SuccessEd family.   Best of all, even as we have more than doubled the number of customers we serve in the last four years, our levels of customer service have never been higher.  Incredibly, a recent analysis of our help desk system showed that the average resolution of a customer question or concern was less than nine minutes!  It is remarkable to see both customer count and customer service rise at the same time.  Furthermore, to ensure that we maintain this focus on customer care even as we grow, many new employees have been added to the company.  With the expectation of continued growth in 2019, we also fully expect to see our levels of customer service get better and better,” added Bridges.

Nancy Riley, Director of the Bell County Cooperative for Exceptional Children, referring to their service experience in transitioning to the SuccessEd solution said, “The person who has taken responsibility for our co-op has been amazing.  We are six different districts with multiple personalities and needs.  Our Relationship Manager has been willing to do extra training, sit with individual people and anything else she can do to help make this transition easy for us.  They have answered every email and phone call within minutes and have been with me day and night to help either by answering questions or teaching me how to do things I have asked about.  That has been my favorite part of moving our districts to SuccessEd.”

Dr. Lisa Davidson of Lewisville ISD, another customer added in 2018, echoes these thoughts saying, “Having a Relationship Manager who is responsive and consistent has made our first year of implementation go very smoothly. The knowledge and support provided has been extremely beneficial in helping us learn a new program. We appreciate the time and expertise that has been invested in our district!”

About SuccessEd

Founded in 1994, SuccessEd is an innovative educational software provider that puts time-saving data management tools in the hands of educators. SuccessEd helps educators track compliance and services provided to students in special education, Section 504, Dyslexia, RtI, and ELL.

SuccessEd combines the latest in technology with expert knowledge and experience. Use of our programs results in actionable data that enables continuous review of the effectiveness of implemented strategies and compliance with federal regulations.  Our solutions give teachers and staff more time with students, thereby creating opportunities for every student to be successful.