(May 1, 2018 – Frisco, Texas) ​SuccessEd, the innovative software provider for educators, is proud to announce a partnership with AIM, the San Antonio-based education solutions company and one-stop shop for special education services.

“This partnership with AIM is fabulous news for SuccessEd and the students, parents, and staff that we serve,” says Jim Bridges, SuccessEd CEO.  “Our software solutions will provide an excellent platform with which to manage the many special education services that AIM provides to their customers.  Even more importantly, our two organizations share a common focus on the needs of the students and the people that work to serve them every day.  Technology alignment is wonderful, but truly great things can happen for kids when cultures align” added Bridges.

The partnership between AIM and SuccessEd will provide schools with even more support in the implementation of their special programs.  Both companies were built by educators who know not only the laws governing special programs but also understand the demands placed on school staff.  That unique understanding will allow this alliance to customize solutions to fit schools needs so that they can gain maximum benefit from the software solution.

“We are excited about our partnership with SuccessEd because they share some of our philosophies about how business gets done right. They value open lines of communication and the transparency that comes with that. They aim at improving efficiency, providing world-class customer service and keeping the lines of communication open so they can be nimble in their response to customer feedback,” said Zach Salesman, AIM CEO.

About SuccessEd

Founded in 1994, SuccessEd is an innovative educational software provider that puts time-saving data management tools in the hands of educators. SuccessEd helps educators track compliance and services provided to students in special education, Section 504, Dyslexia, RtI, and ELL.

SuccessEd combines the latest in technology with expert knowledge and experience. Use of our programs results in actionable data that enables continuous review of the effectiveness of implemented strategies and compliance with federal regulations.  Our solutions give teachers and staff more time with students, thereby creating opportunities for every student to be successful.

About AIM

AIM provides a robust, one-stop shop for special education services. Its entire team comes from a background of working in special education, enabling them to focus on the needs of students, using real language and their expertise to help schools stay in compliance, and maintaining compliance with laws and regulations. AIM is strictly school-based and conducts evaluations, and provides direct services as well as special education and general education administrative services.