Hughes Technology HERO Smart Data(March 2, 2017 – Frisco, Texas) SuccessEd, the innovative software provider for educators, is proud to announce a partnership with Hughes Technology, the makers of the academic and behavior analytics dashboard, HERO Smart Data.  SuccessEd is now the exclusive reseller of HERO Smart Data in the state of Texas.

“SuccessEd is built upon the principle of helping educators help kids,” says Jim Bridges, SuccessEd CEO.  “But sometimes identifying those kids that need help can be a challenge.  Although many school districts are swimming in data, they too often struggle to convert it into actionable information.  This is why we are so excited to partner with Hughes Technology and HERO Smart Data.  Using their data dashboard and early warning system, districts will be able to identify these students earlier and address their individual needs more quickly.  At the same time, districts will be able to see the broader trends developing across their campuses—potential trouble spots around discipline or disproportionality.  Like each of our SuccessEd solutions, HERO Smart Data really will help educators help kids,” added Bridges.

“We didn’t set out to build a new software platform,” says Harvey Hughes, CEO of Hughes Technology.  “Instead, we were asked by a district to help them sort through their large volume of data in hopes of identifying kids needing intervention and support.  Our response to that request was to develop what has now become HERO Smart Data.  Clearly, we have been able to address an important issue in districts around the country as demand for this solution has been amazing.  We are thrilled to work with SuccessEd to help us address that demand in Texas.”

Rolando Ocanas, VP of Sales for SuccessEd remarks, “SuccessEd is focused on providing the best solutions available to districts; that’s typically been our own product suite for Special Education, Section 504, RTI, and ELL. Once a student is identified and is being served by one of these district programs, we have them covered.” Reflecting on the current challenges districts face, he continues, “But with increased scrutiny on proper identification and early identification, districts are challenged to act sooner and more decisively which is why we’re excited to bring HERO to Texas to do just that. Now we can offer our customers an end-to-end set of solutions to properly identify students, document services, monitor progress and effectiveness, and ultimately prevent compliance headaches.”

About SuccessEd

Founded in 1994, SuccessEd is an innovative educational software provider that puts time-saving data management tools in the hands of educators. SuccessEd helps educators track compliance and services provided to students in special education, Section 504, Dyslexia, RtI, and ELL.

SuccessEd combines the latest in technology with expert knowledge and experience. Use of our programs results in actionable data that enables continuous review of the effectiveness of implemented strategies and compliance with federal regulations.  Our solutions give teachers and staff more time with students, thereby creating opportunities for every student to be successful.

About Hughes Technology

Hughes Technology was born out of the concept of Paying It Forward. To us it simply means “Helping Educators Reach Others (HERO)”, a concept that educators live every day. We also believe that everyone can be a HERO, just by putting on a cape and acting like one. The founders of Hughes Technology have been focused on serving teachers and students with innovative technologies for the past 20 years. Hughes Technology is inherently a technology company with a passion for solving complex problems with simple implementation strategies. We have a passion for Helping Educators Reach Others with both academic and behavioral struggles.