Yesterday, I sat in on the MSB Medicaid Conference in Dallas.  We were proud to be a sponsor of this ten event series across the state.  Like everything that MSB does, the meeting was fantastic—well run, informative, and collaborative.  We are truly proud to be counted as partners and friends with MSB. 

In his opening remarks, Chris Meroff, the Executive Director of MSB, introduced SuccessEd and spoke of why they had asked us to be a sponsor.  I wish I had been able to jot down his words verbatim, but in essence, he said, “MSB is not making an endorsement of the SuccessEd technology—that is not our business—but rather, we are making an endorsement of their people.”  As CEO of SuccessEd, I will admit that I was initially a little taken aback by this.  As a software company, after all, our technology is pretty important to us.  But as Chris elaborated, and as I have thought about it more, I cannot think of a higher complement that he could have paid us! 

Why do I say this?

First of all, and most importantly, Chris said that MSB and SuccessEd share a similar heart for serving customers.  Is there higher praise than that?  MSB is certainly built around customer service.  The very existence of these Medicaid Conferences and their growing number of program specialists around the state are evidence of that.  At SuccessEd, customer care and service are our priorities too.  We are so grateful for the trust and confidence that our customers have placed in us.  It is a responsibility that our people take very seriously.  It is a relationship that our people pour ourselves into.  It is an honor that our people work diligently, every day, to earn and maintain.

Secondly, MSB has found  SuccessEd to be a very good partner.  If “the proof of the pudding is in the tasting,” then the proof of the partnership is in the integration.  The MSB and SuccessEd teams have worked very closely together to identify the data elements to share and to facilitate the accurate and secure movement of that data.  According to Chris, our people have been easy to work with and responsive.  Both companies have committed to continually invest in this integration to make sure that our mutual customers receive optimal value from their MSB and SuccessEd investments. 

Thank you, Chris, for your kind words!

And yet, while it was wonderful to receive these complements from a valued partner like MSB, it was really gratifying to realize that these were not Chris’ words as much as they were the words of our customers.  Chris was not relying on what SuccessEd had told him about SuccessEd.  He and his team have been travelling and listening to you—our friends and our customers across the state.  And what could be more trustworthy and reliable than that?

So, thank you too!  While we are proud of our many vendor partnerships that allow us to serve you better, it is our partnership with you and the kids, parents, and staff that you serve, that we treasure above all.