(May 6, 2016 – Frisco, Texas) SuccessEd, the innovative software provider for educators, is proud to announce that Education Service Center (ESC) Region 12 has selected SE 504 as the software solution to best manage the Section 504 programs of their member districts and charter schools.  The agreement was announced on May 2, 2016.

“SuccessEd is very excited to partner with ESC Region 12 on this important initiative,” says Jim Bridges, SuccessEd CEO.  “Like the rest of the country, Region 12 LEAs are seeing a significant increase in the number of children requiring accommodation under Section 504.  As these numbers increase, so too do the compliance and reporting requirements.  It is exciting to see the service center take a proactive role in helping their member LEAs address these challenges.  A number of LEAs in Region 12 are already using our SE 504 product and we know that this new partnership will help even more to take advantage of the program,” added Bridges.

SE 504 from SuccessEd is built upon the expertise of nationally-recognized Section 504 experts Dave Richards and Jose Martín of the Council of Educators for Students with Disabilities (CESD).  Their forms and the process they facilitate have been used nationally by thousands of districts over many years, including many in Region 12.  SuccessEd has an exclusive agreement to use these forms in an electronic version.

“We could not be happier to see yet another service center partner with SuccessEd,” says Dave Richards.  “Demand for the SE 504 product is increasing dramatically across the country and it is wonderful to see ESC Region 12 step in and take a leadership role in facilitating the use of this critical solution for their member LEAs,” Richards added.  He continued, saying, “The growing numbers in Region 12 are consistent with what we’re seeing around the country as a result of the heightened awareness of the legal rights and responsibilities arising from the Section 504 amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 2008.  We do not see this growth in numbers slowing down any time soon and we are pleased to be a part of the solution that helps ESC Region 12 manage the critically important compliance and reporting needs within Section 504 and Dyslexia.”

SE 504 was first launched by SuccessEd in the fall of 2012, and is now being used by thousands of educators around the country.


About ESC Region 12

Education Service Center Region 12 focuses on helping schools save money and leverage resources into the classroom. One of 20 regional education service centers statewide, ESC Region 12 offers training and expert assistance to educators and school personnel to increase student achievement. ESC Region 12 offers effective, economical programs and services through professional development, expert assistance, direct services and alternative educator certification.

Based in Waco, ESC Region 12 serves 76 school districts, 11 charters and private/parochial schools in Bell, Bosque, Coryell, Falls, Freestone, Hamilton, Hill, Lampasas, Limestone, McLennan, Mills and Navarro counties. Everything the center offers focuses on helping educators be successful and helping schools save money and leverage resources — driving more money to students in the classroom — where it matters most.



About SuccessEd

Founded in 1994, SuccessEd is an innovative educational software provider that puts time-saving data management tools in the hands of educators. SuccessEd helps educators track compliance and services provided to students in special education, Section 504, Dyslexia, RtI, Medicaid, ELL, and behavior programs.

SuccessEd combines the latest in technology with expert knowledge and experience. Use of our programs results in actionable data that enables continuous review of the effectiveness of implemented strategies, accommodations, and methodologies, thereby creating opportunities for every student to be successful.